Where have the pickup comparisons gone?

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    Chris Payne

    Can you give a direct link. I can’t find them or they are gone.


    Jacob Szekely


    They are under the media player tab!!!


    Chris Payne

    Thanks, but I’m coming back again to try this! I see no media player tab! Anything that looks like a link to the pickup comparisons brings me to either a Vimeo video or downloads a list of pickups tested. I tried both Safari and Chrome and have looked and looked. I even saw the direct link in the Vimeo video: thepickuptest/listen/# It goes to the ‘Become a Member’ section.

    The tabs I’m seeing at the top are: About, Ebootcamp, Wave Maps, Interviews, Video Reviews, Forums and Contact US

    Below this are the images that revolve: Toned dexter (picture), Sign up (goes to profile if logged in), Tone dexter libraries, Dpa, Coming soon. – No relevant links.
    Below this is ‘We test every pickup, mic, and preamp on the market’ which downloads the spreadsheet.
    Below this – Core features:
    Pickup Library – link to Vimeo, Powerful tutorials – link to youtube video, Community – to video, New content: ditto

    Video again below

    Link below to subscribe.

    I just tried everything! The link to the comparisons which I saw before have gone and have been gone for a while.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

    Chris Payne

    Still no change…

    Adam Spiers

    I see the same problem. From some Googling I found the link http://thepickuptest.com/audio-player/ but it appears broken e.g. there is no play button.

    Jacob Szekely


    I just checked on the media player>Listen Here! tab and it seems to be working! We redesigned the player a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing the play button

    Melody McKiver

    It’s still broken for me!

    Shaun Swanson

    I can’t see a media tab in chrome.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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