Library 1 NS Violins

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This library contains 16 wave maps for the bipolar pickup system on NS WAV and CR and NXT violins.  For CR players, 8 maps are for the center toggle switch position and the remaining 8 are for the back position.  Set the tone controls in neutral (12 position).

1 review for Library 1 NS Violins

  1. Charlie Thomas (verified owner)

    My NS Design CR-5 violin, to me, has always sounded relatively “un-alive” – literally like what it is: a solid piece of wood with some strings stretched over it, amplified and projected through a speaker. THESE 16 WaveMaps on the ToneDexter -created by Luis & Jacob & the team – have literally transformed the tone and depth of my violin “sound”. They give me the ability to pick and choose different nuances of tone and color for a variety of musical applications and situations. Wow! Like going from Black & White to Technicolor 8K UHD. What a difference! Best $30 I ever spent. Thank you so much, folks!

    – Charlie Thomas

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