Consultation Services

Feeling overwhelmed building your dream rig?

Team up with Luis and Jacob for the ultimate masterclass in amplification, effects setup, and monitoring strategies  For years, The Pickup Test Guys have worked with many of the biggest stars in the creative string world to help them achieve their sonic dreams and now for the first time we are officially sharing our expertise with you!

What: 45 minute consultation with Luis or Jacob via Skype.  We'll help you build an ideal rig to suit every aspect of your playing from pickups, preamp, and effect selection to monitoring and beyond while saving you years of trial and error.  You do not need to be a member of The Pickup Test or current patron to use this service.

Why:  Consider this a private masterclass in all the technical aspects of amplified performing tailored to your specific gear and performance needs.  We are not a shop or affiliated with any company which means we really have tried everything and we not trying to sell you on any particular brand or what we have in stock etc.  Imagine creating your dream setup in no time for less than the cost of a private lesson, while gaining principles that will help you grow into the future!

How: Fill Out The Request Form and we'll do the rest! 

*Consultations are $100 per 45 minute consultation