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An Experience Like No Other

String^TEK is a community of string innovators pushing the boundaries of what is possible for merging technology with bowed string playing.

Our Story

Creative string playing is still in its infancy.  I wanted to create string^TEK as a resource for players pushing the boundaries and going beyond using electronics to merely imitate other instruments."

-Jacob Szekely




Our Team

Our exceptional faculty bridges the gap between musical styles, the production, recording, and performing worlds as well as the analog and digital divide.

Jacob Szekely

Jacob Szekely

Lead Instructor

Paul Cartwright

Paul Cartwright

Guest Instructor

Michael "Smidi" Smith

Michael "Smidi" Smith

Midi Programming, Production And Sound Design

Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser

Recording And Sound Design



  • 3 Recent Video Examples of Of Applicants Work 
  •  Resume
  • Personal Statement

Only highly qualified applicants with distinguished

professional careers should apply.

Deadline For All Materials

10/10/21 @12pm EST

*Successful applicants will be notified via email by 10/22


All expenses including the application fee are free


LAB 1- 12/18

LAB- 2 1/8 

LAB- 3 1/15

All Labs meet from 10-5pm EST (one-hour lunch)