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    Benjamin Annett

    I just paid for listening to this pickups tests… I watched the videos on YouTube and thought “Ok, those guys are not ones of these numerous mediocre violinists doing demos with reverb and effects and expecting us to have an opinion afterwards… They are thorough. Indeed, you guys have a total potential to do high quality stuff but your website, your pickups list… This is simply a huge demonstration of disrespect that feels like a rip-off. As a concrete example, your list don’t make sense. The player has two violin pickups for the Realist. One is for the Realist sound clip, one is named the Realist (??). We come to discover and learn about the violin products on the market but you don’t bother to name any of your mikes properly. When we go on your pickups list, we only see one Realist pickup!

    The problems continue with the shadow XXX (??) being in the list for the violin but inexistant in the media player. Good job.

    Also, you did not bother adding thumbnails to show how does the microphone look, so there is no way to see if it is a gooseneck mic or a pickup unless we do the work we paid you to do; Despite you already know that many of us love the sound of a gooseneck, we still look for pickups to avoid feedbacks…. The only solution we have to know what your acronyms refer to is to google them and doing some personal researches although we just paid you to do the job right ? Sad. Very sad. I call that an unfinished work, and as it is paid work, if we have professional standards, it is indeed a really dirty job!

    There are no comments on the mikes. What about feedback? How explicit is a PUTWCMP next to a PUTWSBT. You seem to have done these tests for yourself and thought “oh, maybe we can make money out of it!”. Be kind enough to make it user-friendly.

    I frankly regret my purchase as I am highly disappointed.
    Please, take seriously into consideration my feedback. There is a huge contract between what you produce on YouTube and this ersatz of interface.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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