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    Shimmy Weitzhandler

    I know you can’t beat physics and that the body will always make the strings hum, but I’m wondering to what degree feedback resistance can go.

    – A 5 string acoustic violin that is super loud acoustically.
    – A pickup that collects string or bridge only sound, with body sound sealed out.

    Here’s a few things to take into account that might make a true acoustic-electric violin (with heavy OD and distortion) possible.

    – Magnetic pickup
    – F holes opposite the strings or sideways etc. (obviously tone will not be as rich due to reduced re-vibration of strings / sympathetic resonance etc., but that’s less of an issue to a contemporary performer so long the violin is loud and audible amid a singing crowd).
    – Built in F hole plugs
    – Certain type of wood

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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