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    Shimmy Weitzhandler


    I’m Shimmy, I mostly play traditional music, but a lot of light rock too and recently trying to get into metal.
    Just bought a fretted 5 string viper, haven’t experimented with it much tho.

    Currently using antique acoustic with LR Baggs, vSound and Hotone Ampero multi-FX.
    Pretty much does everything I need.
    Lack of harmonizer in the Ampero is what makes wanna give up on it, can’t find a replacement tho.

    I hate schlepping, that’s why I don’t use the Helix. Also don’t use my e-violin because I almost always need the acoustic too to escort the bride in the wedding hall at reception.

    I wish I’d find the ultimate string-only and body-blocker feedback-resistant pickup.

    Ideally, I’d want the aforementioned acoustic-electric violin with a lightweight and smaller version of the Helix, with IRs instead of the vSound.

    Keith Johnson


    Have you checked out the Helix Stomp, Jacob did an awesome review on his pedalboard video at Electric String Players Youtube Page. Smaller than the Ampero and I find the Whammy and Pog models track really well! I don’t use a ton of distortion myself, but you the issue is how loud you are onstage. If it’s really metal, I would go with the viper.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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