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Erich Schlender

Yeah, I really like being able to control the MINIMUM volume in the heel down position.

As violinist, I’ve found wireless to be absolutely great, since it eliminates a heavy cable hanging off me and the expensive tripping hazard. Prior to the Boss wireless, I had a Line 6 G10 wireless set for a couple of years and loved it. My only complaint was that the G10 is powered by a fragile micro USB connection rather than a standard 9VDC barrel plug like 99.9% of the other gear out there. I ended up building my own little 9VDC to 5VDC USB adapter box to power the G10 using standard pedalboard power supplies. Eventually, the USB connection started to get finicky, so as soon a Boss released their 9VDC powered WL-50, I bought one. I still use the Line 6 G10 on a second pedal board, but I like the small standard size of the Boss version. It works great the other equipment and I like the fact that it has a 1/4″ input on the right side where I can quickly plug in a back up cable (just in case the wireless dies – Haven’t needed the backup cable yet though…
Incidentally, Line 6 came out with G10S wireless set several months after Boss released the WL-50. Had I known about the G10S, I probably would have waited for it since I really had no complaints about the G10 other than Line 6’s poor choice of a USB power connection.