Radial Tonebone PZ PRE


Radial Tonebone PZ PRE ($299 Street Price)

Canada's Radial is amongst the most popular manufacturers of DI boxes and their products are highly regarded for durability and sound quality.  The PZ Pre brings a few unique features to the table like a variable impedance booster (see video for explanation) a pre AND post eq XLR outputs and a foot switchable loop.






-"Footswitchable" loop

-Great build quality

-Pre and Post EQ XLR outputs (as well as 1/4 amp output)

-dual inputs with independent gain controls for doublers




-Must use proprietary 15v power supply




Ideal For

-Players who are running more sophisticated stage rigs

-Doublers who play two instruments (the 2 separate gain controls and Piezzo boosts are helpful in this regard)


Listen For Yourself