LR Baggs Venue

LR Baggs Venue ($299 Street Price)

LR Baggs long awaited follow up to the ParaAcoustic DI (a longtime staple for fiddle players) adds the pedal functionality to make it a true competitor in this class.  We gave the Baggs high marks for build quality, the ability to run of 9v or battery power,  the built in tuner, and an EQ section which was well marked and very musical with both the cello and violin.




-Battery Power

-Extremely musical, well marked  EQ

-Onboard tuner


-1 input only

-No phantom power

-Large Footprint

Ideal For

-Players with simple needs onstage.

-Single pickup and not too many effects pedals (as the  loop cannot be disengaged and will amplify noisy effects).

Listen For Yourself